Susan Savage

4th Grade Teacher

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Welcome to Our Class!

I'm so excited to be at HLIS!  We have a wonderful program and our EAGLETS are doing an AMAZING JOB!.  Here at HORN LAKE INTERMEDIATE, OUR EAGLES SOAR! LET'S GO, EAGLES! 






About the Teacher

Education and Experience:

I have had the absolute privilege of teaching all grades from K4 to the associates level.  My experience began right out of college when I worked in a mission school teaching Spanish and first grade. I spent many of my years teaching a traditional curriculum, grades 1 - 12, requiring all subjects which also included art and physical education. Additionally,  I have been a cheerleading coach as well as a first year piano teacher.  I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to have a broad base of exposure to varied educational endeavors. I have tremendously enjoyed each experience.


 Masters in Psychology, Masters in Education


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