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Congratulations to the November Teachers and Assistant of the Month


  Congratulations to the October Teachers and Assistant of the Month


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     HLIS Push to Improve Attendance      

October 2, 2014

Dear Parents,

Horn Lake Intermediate School is striving to improve each and every day. It is our desire to improve communication from the school to the home regarding attendance, academics, school activities, parental involvement opportunities, etc. In order to improve our attendance rates, we believe it is necessary to implement a change in regards to attendance. Currently, when a student is marked absent during the day, our automated phone dialer will contact the parent after the school day is complete. Beginning this week, when a student is marked absent, our school counselors will call to touch base with each parent. We will be calling to check on each student, offer assistance and to do whatever we can to be a support for our students.  

House Bill 1530 requires that a student must be present 63% of the instructional day in order to be counted present. We encourage you to not check-out your child prior to this critical point in the school day. We do not want any parent or child to be cited for truancy because of early check-outs. Your child’s school can share with you the exact time that represents 63% of the instructional day. Please pay close attention to these critical times when your child must leave school early.

During the months of October and November, DeSoto County Schools will be striving to improve our attendance rates from previous years. We are going to make attendance a primary focus. Each school will be focused on improving attendance by offering various incentives for students, classes, and grade levels for those who are present. It is critical to our academic success for children to be in school receiving quality instruction.

Horn Lake Intermediate School is grateful for your continued support as we work to provide a world-class education for every child. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or administrator when you have a concern.

Thank you.


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