Hi, friends!

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A little bit of info about Ms. J...

As an army brat, I grew up in North Carolina, Arkansas, Texas, and Mississippi. My family settled here, in Horn Lake where I graduated high school and even attended Horn Lake Intermediate! I am the youngest of two girls. My sister and I LOVE to be silly with one another and we're always finding something to laugh about. One of our favorite things to do together is annoy our mom. One of my favorite pastimes is researching odd topics. I can watch documentaries and google facts about just about anything all day long. I also enjoy art. Painting, drawing, and designing is my thing!

After graduating from Horn Lake High School, I went on to graduate from Delta State University with my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and a concentration in reading remediation. I then went on to get a Master's Degree in Elementary Education form there, as well.

This school year will be my third year as an educator and I am so excited to be spending it with you all!

Ms. J's 3rd Grade Class


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