Mrs. Teena Cory

3rd Grade Language Arts & Social Studies


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HLIS will be using the i-Ready platform for our ELA and Math Distance Learning lessons. This platform allows me to continually monitor student progress in order to provide students with needed support  and help our team plan for upcoming lessons. 


Welcome to Third Grade 



  Students will be exploring different types of learning and higher level thinking this year.   We will explore learning through reading different types of books. We will be using our reading to learn in all areas. You can help your child at home by reading with them on a regular basis and talk to your child about their reading. The more you read the more you know ! It will be a year of learning and growth!

 I have been teaching since 1990.  I have one year experience in kindergarten and 2 years in 2nd Grade with the rest of my career teaching third grade.

 I graduated from East Texas State University in 1989 with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. I moved here from Texas in 2011 so that we could be closer to family.    Third grade is my teaching love and I''ve taught third grade for many years.  I love to read, scrapbook, ballroom dance and go to movies and concerts.  I enjoy traveling especially when that takes me to the beach  .I'm married and have a  son who is in college.  I'm excited to be a part of HLIS and look forward to the success we will have in third grade.  


Class Schedule

Ms Cory's Daily Class Schedule


7.05 - 7.40 Bellwork

7.40 - 7.50 Morning Meeting

 - 8.25 Eagle Time

8.25 - 9.15 Activity

9.15 - 10,25 - focus lesson - reading/writing workshop - stations

10.30 - 10.55  lunch

10.55 - 11,30 read aloud / wrap up / switch 

11.30 - 11.45 greeting - bellwork

11.45 - 12.15 Eagle Time 

12.15 - 1.10 focus lesson -reading workshop - stations 

1.10 - 1.30 recess

1.30 - 1.45 read aloud 

1.45  - 2.15 -  writing workshop

2.15 - 2.20 wrap up / dismiss


Activity Schedule

A Day -  Library

B Day -Math Lab

C Day -Art

D Day -PE

E Day -LA Lab

F Day -Music

G Day - Keyboarding

H Day - Wellness


Below is the link to our Classworks Online Intervention for student use. Use the link to login.

Remember that the login information is:

Student login:  msis #
Password:         msis #



These are some things we are looking for in ALL third grade writing.

Every sentence BEGINS with a capital letter. Every sentence has a WHO and a WHAT - and ENDS with an end mark.

Students should be using a variety of sentences.  EXCLAMATORY ! -exciting, DECLARATIVE . - telling,  IMPERATIVE . - bossy, and INTEROGATIVE ? - asking.

ALL sentences should include a SENSORY DETAIL - words that describe how something LOOKS, FEELS, TASTE, SOUNDS, and SMELLS.

ALL sentences should include a transistion word to help our story flow from one thought to the next.



If a book doesn't have a reading level on it or a student can not remember their level - there is a way to choose a just right book.  The student would open the book to a random page and start reading. They will hold up a finger or write a tally mark  for each word they do not know.  0 - 1 -2 - fingers (tallies ) that book is too easy and they should choose something else. 3 fingers (tallies) that book is just right, they should read it . 4-5 (or more ) fingers (tally marks ) that book is too hard and they should choose something else .


Students are expected to maintain positive behavior, show respect for everyone, exhibit self - control, use their time wisely, conduct themselves as nice and orderly.  If a student misbehaves, they will be given a reminder of what they should be doing.

If they continue to show a misbehavior after being reminded - then a phone call home, or a text through remind will be made and consquences will be used ( missing a recess, sitting at silent lunch table, being removed from the group, etc )  If the behavior continues after  parent contact has been made, the student may have to be written up and sent to the counsuler or the office. A parent will be notified if this step is to be taken.

HLIS students SOAR

S - safety   - stay in designated area, follow directions, keep hands feet and objects to self

O- ownership - be prepared, Use I statements, keep area clean , use materials appropriately

A - achievement - Keep a Postive attitude, stay on task

R - respect - allow others to learn, use appropriate language, tone and volume


ELA Terms that we are using on an on going basis through the year-

Main Idea - what the story is mainly about

Sequential Order - the order of events in a story

Compare/Contrast - how things are the same or different

Author's Central Message - the lesson of the story/theme/moral

Opinion - what someone thinks is true

setting - where and when the story takes place

predict - what will happen next

characters - the people or animals in the story

parts of a book - table of contents,title page, glossary, index, front cover

summary - a short description of a passage

pronouns - takes place of a noun

nouns - person , place or thing

pronoun antecedent - the noun that is replaced by a pronoun

adverbs - describe action/ tell how, when & where

adjectives - describe nouns and tell how many and what kind

simile - compares a noun to another object using like / as (ex- He's as sly as a fox.)

metephor - compares a person or animal to an object.  (ex -  I"m on a roll. )

personification - gives an object or animal qualities of a person ( ex - The flowers danced in the breeze. )



READ - read every day  (20- 30 minutes ) sign the reading log and talk about the books - each student should have a list of questions in their take home folder that can be used for any book they read . There also should be a monthly newsletter in the take home folder so that you can see the skills that we are currently working on.

TESTS - after we have taken a major test - the test will be sent home with a correction sheet - they may correct the questions they missed for extra points but it must be sent back the following day in order for teachers to meet grading perimeters.


Ways to Help at Home   

- Read to your child and allow them to read to you. Ask your child WHY questions to help them think about what has been read.

Have a BOOK TALK with your child....

BEFORE READING.... ask them:

-what do you think will happen in the story?

- What makes you think that?

- Do you think there will be a problem in the story?

- Do you think it will be like any other book or story you've read?


- What has happened so far in the story?

- What do you think will happen next ?

- Why did the character do that ?

- What were you wondering about as you read ?

- Did you see any pictures in your head as you were reading?


-Why is this a good title?

-Were your predictions correct?

- If you could change one part - what would you change and why?

-Is there a character in the story that reminds you of someone you know? Why?

- Can you re tell the story in order?

- Does this book remind you of any other book ?

- If you could ask the author a question - what would you ask and why ?



- Purchase or make flash cards for math. Make up word problems in everyday situations.

- Ask your child about school and take an interest in what they are learning.

- Make sure they get enough sleep.

- Set limits on the amount of time they spend on watching tv and play video games.

- Go online and play learning games together.