Prikeeta Fort

3rd Grade Math & Science


Why fly when you can SOAR?

The Second 9 weeks objectives include: telling time to the nearest minute, elapsed time, time word problems, area, area of irregular figures/distributive property, and using graphs (bar and pictographs) to solve word problems. 

Fall Case 21 exams will be the this nine weeks. 

Red folders (homework)will come home every Monday with math and reading homework and need to be returned by Thursday.

On Wednesday, graded papers will come home. This will include practice work for the week so you as parents can see the what we are doing as well as any grade papers from the week before. 

All grades can be access through PowerSchool. Your child's PowerSchool information can be found on progress reports/report cards. If you can not locate the information, it can not be giving over the phone, you must come to the school and present  your ID.








All About Me!

Hi there! I'm Ms. Fort and I am beyond excited to be your teacher this year. Learning from and with you this year is going to be the best! I have been a teacher for 5 years.

A little about me

I have 3 little people: Karmyn, Christopher, and Sage.

My favorite color is purple.


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