Octavia James-Smith

5th Grade Resource


About the Teacher 


Experience: My Experience includes Assistant Teacher Roles as well Sub-Lead Roles at DCS.  All children can learn be it at different paces, ability, stages of life and/or differentiation. Regardless of age we should be able to adapt the lesson to the interests and needs of the student. My combined experiences help me to understand the duty placed before me this school term as an Inclusion Teacher.


Welcome to All!! Glad to have you Back!!


My name is Octavia James-Smith. I am a Sped Inclusion Teacher. I am delighted to be here at HLIS. "GOOO EAGLES!!" This is my fifth year as a certified teacher and I love it. So let's get in gear and together help "All Children Can Be Successful." #TEAMDCS, " "Raise the BAR AGAIN"  #EAGLES

Additional Resources


   Iready.com can be accessed from home for math and ELA.