Hannah Hindman
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Who is coming to see me?

A day: Alm. Hamilton, Hancock, Brownlee, Dunlap 

B day: Peacock, Bledsoe, Papizan, R. Taylor, Harvey

C day: Lark, Ward, B. Taylor, McDaniel, Elliot

D day: Godwin, Fairchild, Godfrey, Norvell, Shannon

E day: Sykes, A. Johnson, Thomas, Hibbler, English, Lequieu

F day: Cory, Young, Arnoult, Williams, Carter, T. Johnson

G day: Brown, Parker, Martin, Farrish, Suggs, Webre

H day: McCool, Lowe, Horton-Smith, Reese, Vissia

Practice playlist for 3rd grade "Jingle Bell Jukebox"

About the Teacher/Welcome Msg

Hello there! I am so excited to be starting my teaching career here at Horn Lake Intermediate. I am a recent graduate of Delta State University with a Bachelor's degree in vocal music education. My passion is music and theatre, and in my class we will be doing a lot of playing, singing, dancing, and exploring. I am a very hands-on teacher, so my teaching style is very much about exploring music through experiencing it rather than sitting in front of a white board for 45 minutes. I want these kids to get a chance to play ukuleles, recorders, and percussion instruments so they are ready to take on middle school if they choose to continue their music journey! I am so excited for us all to make music together!