Mrs. Erin Sykes

4th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies

Mrs. Sykes

About the Teacher

Education: BSE in Elementary Education from Delta State University 1996

MEd in Elementary Education from The University of Mississippi 2001 (Curriculum and Instruction/ELA)

Library Media Specialist K-12 

Experience: This is my 26th year at HLIS. WOW!! I started out teaching 4th grade ELA and I have also taught 3rd grade ELA.  I taught one year of self-contained in 4th grade. I have moved up to 5th grade and I am super excited to teach math and science this year.

Bio: My name is Erin Sykes.  This year I am teaching all of the subjects.  We do not switch classes. This is my 26th year teaching, and I have taught all of those years at HLIS.  I received my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education at Delta State University in 1996. I received my master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Language Arts in 2001 from The University of Mississippi.  I am also certified to be a school librarian in grades K-12.  I am married and we have a dog named Bonnie.  She is our sweet 4 year old furry daughter.

     My hobbies include singing, taking pictures, reading, and of course, teaching!  I hope this year your child will walk away with knowledge that will help them not only in the classroom, but in life. I look forward to growing your kids as readers, writers, mathematicians, and scientists!  I want your child to feel loved and safe at school.  I believe that when we communicate, we can get a lot of things accomplished.  Feel free to reach out when you have concerns or need help. 


Erin Sykes

Welcome to a new year!




This is a picture of Bonnie.  She loves to ride in the backseat of the truck!



















Class Schedule

 7:05  Doors Open

7:40  After 7:40, students are counted tardy

7:05-7:40 Breakfast, i Ready or other morning bell work

7:45 Announcements

7:55/8:00 Restroom Break 1

8:05-8:45  ELA (Reading/Writing) Lesson/Classwork

8:45-9:10 Reading Interventions/Finish i Ready/Independent Reading on EPIC/Small group remediation

9:10-9:55 Activity

10:00-10:40 Science         Restroom break 2     10:15    (Wed.Thurs. 10:25)

10:40-11:00  Recess

11:00-12:05 Science

12:05-12:30 lunch

12:30-1:15  Math

1:15  Restroom Break 3

1:20-1:45 Math

1:45-2:15 Math Intervention/i Ready Math/Small Group

2:20 Dismissal




Activity Schedule

A      Computer 2

B      Library

C      Health

D     Music

E     Computer 1

F     P.E.

G    Art



Your child should have 3 composition notebooks and 3 folders. We use these for the core subjects of reading,science, and math. 

Homework Folder

This goes home on Mondays with homework for the week and is returned on Thursdays.

Graded Paper Folder

This goes home on Wednesdays and will have graded papers, school papers, or other work samples.  **Graded papers may not always be in the folder, but at least they will be in there every other week.  Just check to be sure.  Sign the sheet on the back of the folder so I will know you saw the contents of the folder.

**Extra supplies needed** If you are able, we always need more tissues, Clorox or Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, and #2 pencils.







Important Links


MAAP Practice Test

Please select ELA 5th Grade and then select one of the practice tests.

Please select Math 5th Grade and select one of the practice tests. Our class code is chw7995