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Jodie Brownlee Staff Photo




My name is Mrs. Brownlee!

Welcome to our 4th grade Math & Science Class!! 
I am SO EXCITED to be your child's teacher this year! 

I graduated from Ole Miss in 2016 with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education! 

I am also certified to teach ELA at the high school level and Special Education! 

Before I finished my time at Ole Miss, I completed my internship in the very hall that I still teach in today! I excitedly began my journey as an official Horn Lake Eagle right after I graduated and have been here ever since! 

I'm currently learning Spanish, so that I can be bilingual and reach more children! 

I have been to more than 6 countries, and plan to grow that number substantially! 

I love learning about other cultures outside of my own! 

I grew up with exchange students from countries anywhere from Thailand, to Germany, Mexico, Russia, Vietnam, Uzbekastan, etc, so you could say this passion began at an early age!

My other passion is Math and Science!

I particulary enjoy working with the kids in our Workshop Model (centers) because it keeps me more connected to the kids and their needs! The kids of course love it also because of the extra time and community building they get with their peers within the classroom environment! 

Outside of School I enjoy spending time with my husband, Corey, and my two Yorkies! (Emma and Luna) I'm orignally from Millport, AL, but we moved to Southaven about 6 years ago, and here we are still today! 


Please join our Class Remind Text! This is how we will keep you the most updated with whats going on in our classroom!