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I'm Ms. Carter and I will be your childs 4th grade math and science teacher! This is going to be an exciting year. We have lots to learn and I am excited to be on this journey with them. If you ever have any questions, never hesistate to email me.

The week of March 5-9:
MATH: Students will be learning how to create conversion tables for length, weight, capactiy, and time units using measurement tools. The students will be able to use the tables to solve problems.
M: Conversion tables with time (minutes, seconds, hours, days)
Students will review for CASE 21 testing
W: CASE 21 Math testing day

TH: Review for End of year MAAP Testing
F: Review Multiplicative comparision

Science: We are studying weather patterns. In small groups, the students are researching about the 4 different types of clouds. The students will work together to create a poster displaying their cloud and giving facts about it.  



August 1st- Teacher's first day

August 3rd- Student's first day

September 4th- Labor Day (No School)

October 9th- Columbus  Day Holiday

October 18th- School Picture Day

November 8th- Student Holiday

November 20-24 Thanksgiving Holiday

December 18- January 1st  Christmas Break

January 2nd - Teachers Return

January 4th - Students first day back

January 15- King/Lee Holiday

February 16th- Student Holiday

February 19th- Washington's Birthday/Holiday

March 12-16  Spring Break

March 30th - Good Friday

April 2nd - Easter

May 23rd - Student's Last Day

May 25th- Teacher's Last Day