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 This week in Reading...we are making inferences and learning about characters in books.

In Writing...we are writing personal narratives.  These are true stories about significant events that happen in our lives.



I love that your children are so eager to learn and be good friends to each other. To keep the students wanting to be kind to each other and eager to learn, we are going to be doing a very special behavior system.   I will discuss at a later date, what our school wide behavior plan is going to be.  All I will say is that your baby, will be earning points, with their very own "teacher badge" and they will get to spend them on amazing prizes and school/class parties.


During lunch, the cafe is selling snacks (drinks, chips, pop-tarts...etc...).  Those snacks range grom .50 to $1.00.  If your child wants to purchase a snack, the cafe will take it out of their lunch account, or you may send money to school with your child.


I will also allow the students to eat a snack in class.  They may bring one from home to have, and if anyone wants to donate cookies or fruit roll ups, those would be ideal for students who cannot bring a snack for themselves due to financial issues.