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Reading- Our goals this year is to help students learn reading strategies that will follow them throughout their school career. In order to do this, we (the parents and teachers) need to come together to help grow great readers. Below are some strategies that you can use at home. 


 Things students and parents can do at home to work on reading comprehension:

  • Students can go to and read free books. This website also allows students to take a quiz after reading a book to see how well they have understood it.
  • Students this year can also log into Imagine Learning. This is a website that assesses a student's needs and really focuses on each skill before moving on. 
  • Parents can listen to their children read and ask basic questions about what was read. This is a very easy way to build reading comprehension.
  • To work on making inferences specifically, have students read a part of their fiction book and ask questions about the main character. What can you infer about them? What makes you think that?
  • Please remember to have students read every night. This is one of the biggest things we can do for our students. Allow them to read to you or even to a sibling. Then don't forget to ask questions! What was that story about? Who was the main character? Where were they? These simple things will grow our readers in a big way!


Writing- In writing, students will learn how to become a good writer. What makes a good writer? In class, we will read different books and look at the elements that go into a piece of writing. The biggest hill to climb is getting the students started and interested in writing. Once a student gets a good idea, its only up from there! So get students writing. Allowing a student to write about what they just read is a great way to grow them both as readers and writers!