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Laverne Sanders Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
4th Grade Language Arts









     I am Mrs. Laverne Sanders.  I am a 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade Resource Language Arts teacher.  I have been teaching in DeSoto County 17 years....all of those years as a HLIS Eagle!!!!!  I love teaching.  I am very passionate about teaching children to read and become life long learners.  My passion, I would have to say is CHILDREN.  I received my Bacelor's degree from Delta State University (Go Fighting OKRA), and my Master and Specialist degrees from the University of MS (Go Rebels).  I want to be an advocate of learning for your child.  I understand your love for your child because I love my four sons, Trakouri, 27, Lamarcus, 21, Devonte, 19, and Donovan, 13.  They are my greatest joy. 

     I am looking for a Super Duper Reading Year!!!!!!!!!  My goal is to see your child GROW as an individual, but especially in reading, writing, and speaking.  I want us to be a TEAM......#teamreadnow!!!!!