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 We are so EXCITED to begin the 2017-2018 school year as your school counselors. We are looking forward to being part of one of the best years yet in your student's life. Our role at HLIS is to advocate and assist in the social and academic development of your student. We hope that you will partner with us to enhance your student's educational experience.


Classroom Guidance Lessons

Every classroom at HLIS will be part of our classroom guidance lessons. Monthly we will visit the students to discuss a variety of topics that are a part of the developmental experience. Each lesson will be developmental for each grade level. Ms.Burchfield will be working with all of 5th grade as well as the following 4th grade classrooms:

Routt & Casey

S. Palmer & Sousan

Kelsey & Murphy

Carter & Jefcoat


Ms. Liebenhaut will be working with all of 3rd grade as well as the following 4th grade classrooms:

Daniel & Gregory

Roberts & Harrsion

Rains & Hurt

Brownlee & Martin


Monthly Classroom Lessons:

August: Meet Your School Counselor

September: Respect

October: Bully Education

November: How to be a Friend

December: Problem Solving

January: Goal Setting

February: Conflict Resolution

March: Emotional Education

April: Testing Anxiety




 Morning Meetings

Ms. Liebenhaut kicks off each morning with our "morning meeting," our version of the morning announcements. Any information regarding the school/district is given at this time. The pledge is then led by one of our students. After the pledge, Ms. Liebenhaut gives a brief character lesson for each day. Each month we cover a character trait that will help everyone in the building grow as an individual. A discussion question is given each day to encourage the students to apply the character trait to real life. We encourage you to talk to your child about the character trait of the month and inquiry about the dicussion question of the day. Together we are shaping our future! After "Tell Me Something Good" is played, students continue the morning meeting in their classroom by telling something good that happened in their lives, discussing the discussion question, and greeting one another.


Character Traits:

August: Respect-to treat someone or something with value and care.

September: Responsibility-to take care of things that need to be done.

October: Citizenship-making your school, community, and world a better place.

November: Giving-to share with others without expecting something in return.

Decemeber: Gratitude-to remember what you have with a thankful heart.

January: Perseverance-to work towards a goal, even when it's hard.

February: Caring-being kind, thoughtful, and concerned about others.

March: Courage-doing the right thing, even when it's difficult.

April:Trustworthy-to be honest and dependable.

May:Self-Discipline-to think before you act and to make good choices.


Individual Bios

Check out our individual pages below.

Bernadad Burchfield

Elizabeth Liebenhaut